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If you are looking for a superior auto water pump that will take your racecar to the next level, just give our team a call.

In general, the cars we drive around every day come with mass-produced parts, except in rare cases where a vintage part had to be custom made to replace one that is no longer manufactured. For racecars, however, mass-produced parts are not going to cut it, especially for vital components like the auto water pump.

Auto Water Pump in Mooresville, North Carolina

An auto water pump doesn’t actually pump water, but rather coolant, circulating it around the engine block to ensure the system does not overheat. As you can imagine, this is especially important for racing vehicles, as the engine has to get quite hot in order to keep the vehicle moving at such high speeds.

Our team at Adams Performance Pumps is dedicated to manufacturing the ideal auto water pumps for racecars—we have put a great deal of thought, research, and experimentation into developing a superior water pump that will deliver the top-notch results you are looking for.

We have designed our pumps to provide a higher coolant flow with a 2-5 horsepower gain, and each component is made with high-quality materials and proven construction methods to ensure it delivers the long-term performance improvements that racecar drivers need. Our auto water pumps also weigh less than comparable products on the market because we know every pound counts in a race.

Our team is proud to be a part of the Mooresville, North Carolina community, and we want to help you keep your car in the best possible condition. If you need a new auto water pump, just give us a call.

At Adams Performance Pumps, we sell high-quality auto water pumps in Mooresville, North Carolina, with shipping available across the United States.