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We have developed a high-performance water pump that provides maximum cooling for the street and the race track in Mooresville.

At Adams Performance Pumps, we have developed a high-performance water pump that provides maximum cooling for the street and the race track in Mooresville, North Carolina. Ideal for preventing overheating in street rods and street machines, as well as in tow rigs and motorhomes, our high-performance water pumps use state-of-the-art racing technology to achieve maximum results.

High-Performance Water Pump in Mooresville, North Carolina

We designed our “super cooling” high-performance water pump to offer maximum flow, maximum pressure, and equal distribution to both sides of the block within 1%. Available for most popular applications, our high-performance water pumps allow water flow in only one direction for optimum efficiency. The casting’s computer-designed internal passages and precision-powdered metal impeller produce the maximum flow rate possible, with engineering to provide higher coolant flow with a 2-5 horsepower gain.

Each high-performance water pump by Adams Performance Pumps incorporates the following design considerations for superior durability and extended performance:

  • Aluminum 356-T6 casting
  • Fully machined inner pressure cavity
  • Heavy-duty double row bearings
  • Billet hub
  • 6 parabolic curved vane impeller
  • Heavy-duty pre-tested seals
  • Hub trued to ensure “0” runout at the pulley
  • Super smooth ports
  • Bosses for auxiliary outlets

Since 2003, our team at Adams Performance Pumps has been developing lightweight, high-quality water pumps that improve the efficiency of any racing engine. Whether you are going to the next drag race and need your vehicle to shed a few pounds or you are planning to take your hot rod out for a lap, our high-performance water pump is a great fit. If you have questions about our high-performance water pump, or if you would like to place an order, contact us today.

At Adams Performance Pumps, we sell high-performance water pumps in Mooresville, North Carolina, with shipping available across the United States.

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