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We’re known for our innovative racing parts throughout the Mooresville area.

In the heat of a race, you need to protect our engine with a quality water pump to ensure your system remains as cool as possible. An engine that is efficiently cooled will provide better performance, whether it’s stock, a little bit altered, or vastly modified. Aftermarket water pumps are one of the best parts you can install to lower the operating temperature of your engine and enhance your rig’s performance on and off the track.

Racing Parts in Mooresville, North Carolina

At Adams Performance Pumps, we’re known for our innovative racing parts throughout the Mooresville, North Carolina area. One of our premier racing parts is our uniquely designed water pump. Here are just a few key reasons why our high-performance water pumps stand out:

  • Our water pumps provide maximum pressure, maximum flow, and equal pressure distribution to both sides of the engine block.
  • To ensure optimum efficiency, our water pumps only flow in one direction. We make this possible through a precision-powered metal impeller that produces maximum flow rate when you start to rev up.
  • Our water pumps provide higher coolant flow and feature the ability to provide a 2-5 horsepower gain.

We stay on top of new trends in racing parts and strive to provide the best in design and innovation when it comes to high-performance water pumps. If you want to know more about the parts we offer or what sets our water pumps apart, reach out to us at Adams Performance Pumps. We look forward to hearing from you!

At Adams Performance Pumps, we sell high-quality racing parts in Mooresville, North Carolina, with shipping available across the United States.

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