We have been designing high-performance water pumps in Mooresville since 1991.

Adams Performance Pumps

At Adams Performance Pumps, we set out to help drivers achieve the most from their racing vehicles by creating racing water pumps that provide maximum cooling for the street and the race track.


Our racing water pumps are designed to send water flow in one direction and maximize the cooling effects to your engine, for improved efficiency.


You’ll see right away that your engine is less likely to overheat when our high-performance water pump is installed. It’s also light-weight and will help you remove pounds from your vehicle for better response.


Ultimately, your engine will perform better, your vehicle will outrun the competition, and you’ll have better bragging rights as you take the leader board. Hard to argue with that!

If you are looking for solutions under the hood before your next race, make sure to give us a call at Adams Performance Pumps to see what our high-volume water pumps can do for you.

We think you’ll notice the difference on your first pass down the track.